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Subsidy, Affordable Las Vegas Health Insurance for Individuals and Families
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Shopping for Health Insurance can be confusing… 

We are Here to Help!

This website is dedicated to ordinary everyday Nevadans and their Employers that are trying to purchase affordable health insurance in Nevada.

Health Care Definitions

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The  process is complex and you’ll want a caring professional guiding you year after year.
Our agents graduated in the top 1% of their college classes learning about Obamacare.  You will certainly want our expertise and help during this process.  We will be your advocate. 

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At Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace we help you choose the best plan to fit your personal needs.  We enroll Nevadans into plans from the country’s top insurance companies and  health plans through the Nevada Health Link.
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Our intention is to put difficult health care reform concepts and terms into everyday understandable language so you can easily understand and choose the best plan possible.

Or, you can simply call us and we will walk you through the entire process. We will be your advocate.

We know, it’s confusing…but we’re here to help you and guide you. 

Let’s start by checking out these two short videos about Health Care Reform  (Obamacare).

Get Ready For Obamacare

Health Reform Hits Main Street

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“Sitting down to discuss Health Insurance plans and rates with Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace was like talking to an old friend.  I really felt comfortable.  They are a trustworthy, dependable and honest representative.  I was happy I made the choice to be their client, and would recommend them to others.  They always kept my best interests in mind.”
Linda P - Las Vegas
“I was in need of health insurance for me and my 2 daughters.  I couldn’t have been happier to have found Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace.  They were very friendly and accommodating to me, as each time we spoke I was also trying to round up my 5 and 2 year olds.  They set me up with a health plan for my girls.  I have already used it (the insurance plan) and am more than satisfied with it.  I especially like the $100.00 Emergency Room cost which I thankfully haven’t had to use yet, but feel safe knowing I have the coverage.  I got the plan from Anthem BCBS for myself.  I am happy to have insurance without a lot of extra costs.  The agents always make me feel important when I talk to them, and like I am their top priority.  I recommend the Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace to everyone who is looking for a hassle free insurance plan.””
Jerilyn G - Henderson, NV
“Shelly Rogers is fantastic to work with. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable of insurance laws, but she follows through and ensures that her clients get the best coverage possible for their specific situation. She answers any questions that arise openly and honestly and I am confident she has my best interest at heart.”
Heather - Northern Nevada
“The web site is great.  It provided me with a clear description of the ObamaCare insurance subsidy that I am entitled to.  The Subsidy Calculator was very helpful since it allowed me to enter in various scenarios and what the subsidy amount would be.  I have read various articles about ObamaCare and I was confused.  After reading the information in this web site it is now all crystal clear to me.  Thank You.”
Bryan - Las Vegas
” My brother                   showed me this website, and I learned so much from it.  Thank you for all your help, I can’t say enough about how easy it was.  I was about to give up, I was overwhelmed with everything I had been reading and viewing on other sites.  Great site.  Thanks again. “
Debbie T - Raleigh, NC
” great site, lots of info, easy to read “
Cheryl M - Las Vegas
” I’ve been to the states site three times and have had terrible results.  I finally searched around and found this site.  I can honestly say it was a pleasure.  The entire site was written so a mere mortal like myself could understand it.  It guided me exactly where I needed to go…unlike so many other sites that I got lost on.  This is all confusing stuff and this site made it easier to understand.  If you’re looking for insurance, this is the site. “
Mike Rutledge - N. Las Vegas
” My friend posted this website on Facebook, so I thought I’d take a look.  My insurance company had just sent me a letter telling me they were dropping me and I was in a panic.  I saw this site the next day, call it lucky, and have signed up my entire family.  Shelly is awesome!  She took the time and explained everything to me and all my options.  The website is also extremely easy to use, it practically does the work for you.  I tried one other site and was totally lost within 10 minutes so I highly recommend this to anyone searching for health insurance. “
Lisa Carpenter - Las Vegas
” I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Shelly Rogers.  This lady is incredible.  I was looking for insurance for my three children and me.  She listened to our needs and found the best plan for us.  Not only does she know health insurance, she delivers the information so an average person understands.  She is a consummate professional.  I cannot thank Shelly enough for my piece of mind regarding my insurance coverage. “
Missy B - Henderson, NV

Health Insurance for Individuals, Families and Businesses
Authorized Agent for:  Nevada Health Link, Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield, United Health One, Sierra Health and Life, Health Plan of Nevada, Aetna, Assurant Health,  Coventry One, Humana One, Nevada Health CO-OP, Saint Mary’s Health Plans
Initial Enrollment Period (1st year of Obamacare) was October 1st 2013 through March 31st 2014.  The next Enrollment Period will be November 15th 2014 through February 15th 2015.  This is when we all enroll (unless you already have a “qualified health plan” in place).  Each month during “open enrollment” (11/15/2014 – 2/15/2015) if you enroll before the 15th, you’ll start the next month.  If you sign up after the 15th you’ll start not the next month but the month after.  If you don’t qualify for a subsidy or you didn’t buy a health plan during the enrollment period, you may buy insurance anytime you would like in Nevada, however, there is likely to be a 90 day waiting period, and you could be subject to a tax penalty for not having coverage, and the coverage can’t go back in time.  It is not wise to wait until you are sick to try and get coverage because you may not be able to.  If you have a qualifying “Life Event,” you can avoid the 90 waiting periods.  Small businesses can enroll into health insurance throughout the year.
SUBSIDY (Financial Assistance) – A subsidy is an “Advanced Premium Tax Credit” that is available on the Individual Exchange but NOT the SHOP Exchange for small businesses. A “subsidy” means that you get a reduced premium payment to pay for your medical insurance, kind of like getting a gift card from the Government to help pay a portion of your health insurance premiums. The factors that affect the premium you pay would be your income, the number of family members you are insuring, your age, and if you smoke (there is no subsidy on the increased portion of your premium due to smoking). The only way to get a “Subsidy” is to get a health insurance plan through the Nevada Public “Exchange” (an Exchange is an online website where you can buy health insurance.) If your income is in between 138% to 400% of the federal poverty level, you may qualify for a subsidy. Call us here at the Nevada Insurance Enrollment Marketplace and we’ll help you with a “subsidized” or “unsubsidized” health plan. We are a Full Service Private Marketplace.
Your income will be checked with the IRS records or a Federal Database, so if you claim a certain income, the “Exchange” will check with the IRS of your past years’ income tax records – before you get approved for a subsidy.
Individuals and families will state their income based on their MAGI – (Modified Adjusted Gross Income.) The State will then verify that information through the IRS against your previous tax returns. If the stated income on the application is more than 10% lower than what the IRS shows, the State will require the individual to prove their income within 90 days, but you’ll still get enrolled. Your financial information is run through a Data Services Hub – A tool the government is using to verify applicant information and income for the “Advanced Premium Tax Credits.” (To see if you qualify for a subsidy.)
BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET TOO MUCH SUBSIDY. The reason being would be you’d have to pay the extra subsidy back to the IRS. For example, if your health insurance premiums are $1,000/month and you get a Government Subsidy of $800/month and you only have to pay $200/month. At the end of the year when you have to settle up your taxes on April 15th of each year, the Government will check your income, and IF you were only supposed to have received an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (subsidy) of $700/month instead of $800/month, you’ll owe the Government an extra $100/month X 12 months is $1,200. How do you avoid this? (It is VERY important to read the “Redetermination for income changes” AND the “Reconciliation of Premium Credits” definitions both).
Please note: If you are providing insurance to your employees, and if you offer health insurance benefits only to your employee, in Nevada the employee’s spouse and children are able to get a subsidized plan, but the subsidy is based off of the “household” income. HOWEVER, if you DO OFFER coverage to the spouse and dependents and they elect not to take the coverage for whatever reason, (the spouse may feel your employer plan is too expensive), then that spouse is NOT able to go and get a subsidized plan!! Please keep this in mind. You may repel employees if you are not careful.