Open Enrollment is Here

November 1st 2018 through December 15th 2018

If you want a January 1st effective date, the last day to enroll is December 15th.

We will be open longer hours to make sure everyone has a chance to enroll.

Monday through Friday 8:30am to 8:30pm.

Saturday 8:30am to 2pm.

closed Sunday

Call us in front of your computer, and we’ll have you enrolled in minutes!

2019 Obamacare Health Insurance Open Enrollment in Las Vegas, Nevada
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2019 Health Insurance Open Enrollment (Obamacare)

We are local…and only enroll Nevada residents.  This makes us uniquely qualified to understand local doctor networks, health companies and plans.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and licensed Health Insurance Agents make it EASY to enroll and are available all year long year after year.  The service we offer is FREE!  The insurance companies pay us to help you.

Our Service is FREE
We NEVER charge any additional fees
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Getting help from one of our licensed agents costs you NOTHING $$$, and your insurance plan will NOT go up in price for getting this help.  We assist with Government subsidized health insurance AND unsubsidized private market health insurance.  Don’t navigate this by yourself!  Insurance is confusing…let us guide you.  Call for your appointment now, our slots are filling up fast.


If you call after December 15th, 2018 to enroll into a health insurance plan, you will be sad to find out that you missed the time frame to enroll in a “Qualified Health Plan”.  You’ll then need a “life event” (like getting married, having a baby, losing your insurance from your job/spouses job, divorce, moving to Nevada, etc.,) to enroll without a waiting period.  Otherwise, you’ll have a minimum 90+ day waiting period to enroll for a Qualified Health Plan.

Four Ways to Enroll

1).  Apply by Phone
(702) 898-0554
2).  Apply in Person

(by appointment ONLY)

Please call to make an appointment

3).  Quote Yourself

get an instant online quote

4).  Help Me With The Quote

an agent will call you

Who Needs Major Medical Insurance?

Major medical insurance plans are designed to cover medical services that the average person could need in their lifetime once their out of pocket maximum has been met.  The health insurance plans that are sold on the health insurance marketplace, as well as all employer plans, are major medical insurance plans and are required to meet the ACA guidelines.  Limited benefit plans, like short-term health insurance, are not required to offer the same benefits as major medical insurance and generally should not be considered good options for the long-term.

If you think that because you’re reasonably healthy and lead an active lifestyle that you don’t need insurance, think again; regardless of how healthy you are, your situation could change on a dime.  Because the cost of medical care, especially if you find yourself with a serious or chronic condition, can quickly eat away at the most respectable nest eggs, having an insurance policy is a necessity.

We don’t just sell Health Insurance, we actually care.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and licensed Health Insurance Agents make it EASY to enroll and are available all year long – year after year.  The service we offer is FREE, there is no additional charge for our service; the insurance companies pay us to help you.  And this service does not stop once you purchase a plan, as your agent, you’ll get expert advice and help through every step of owning an insurance policy.  We will always be here to answer your calls and your questions.  You have our direct line and we are here when you need us.  This is important to know, because no matter where you sign up, THE COSTS ARE ALL THE SAME, so why not have an educated, experienced and caring professional at your service…for no additional charge!

For years, we have been helping people find the right Health Insurance coverage and get the most for their healthcare dollars.  If you want an agent that actually cares about you, we are here to help.

Why It’s Smart To ALWAYS Use an Insurance Agent

♦ We STUDY Nevada plans and benefits
♦ Explain how your CHOICES affect your tax return
♦ KNOW what’s happening in the insurance industry
♦ We GUIDE you to avoid very costly pitfalls
♦ Handle communications with insurance company
♦ ASSIST with billing questions or claims problems
♦ We are here to HELP, and are available all year long
♦ AND…We’ll be here AFTER the sale
♦ Plus it’s FREE!  No additional fees are charged.
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Call us for assistance

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Why Go Anywhere Else?

When you can have an experienced and caring professional guide you.

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