What does 25/50/20 (Nevada Minimum Coverage) mean with Auto Insurance?

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Nevada Minimum Coverage

25 / 50 / 20

25-50-20 Nevada Minimum Coverage - Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Making Sense of the Numbers

On July 1st, 2018 Nevada raised it’s minimum coverage requirements to 25/50/20.

Like most states, Nevada requires that its drivers have liability insurance. This covers the other person you are responsible for when YOU hit THEM; when YOU are “at fault”.  You may have noticed that Nevada’s minimum limits are expressed as three numbers: 25/50/20. These numbers reflect how much your insurance will cover in the event of a covered accident.

♦ The 25 in the 25/50/20

If you are responsible for an accident that caused bodily injury to someone else, your liability insurance will cover up to $25,000 of medical expenses for 1 person in the other car.

♦ The 50 in the 25/50/20

If multiple people are injured in an accident that you were responsible for, your insurance would cover up to $50,000 of the total medical expenses.

♦ The 20 in the 25/50/20

If you damage someone’s vehicle or personal property in a collision, up to $20,000 of damages would be covered by your insurance

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What Is Not Covered by Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance provides protection to you if you are responsible for a car accident, sparing you from having to pay for their damages or medical bills out of your own pocket.  This liability coverage covers THE OTHER PERSON.  It doesn’t cover any damage done to your own vehicle, nor does it cover any medical expenses that you may incur when you are the driver at fault. There is, of course, additional coverage that can be added to your policy to ensure that your own vehicle and belongings can be easily repaired or replaced in the event of an accident.  Some of the coverages that cover you and your car are called “comprehensive” and “collision” and “uninsured motorist.

Crossing State Lines

Perhaps you hold the minimum amount of coverage in Nevada, but you are responsible for an accident in New Mexico, which requires higher minimum coverage. What happens then? Generally speaking, when you travel out of state, your policy limits automatically increase to meet that state’s minimum requirements. However, it’s always a good idea to check your own policy.

Nevada has a Minimum Coverage, but it’s a good idea to consider more coverage than the minimum.

Do I Really Need More than Minimum Liability Coverage?  

Nevada’s NEW Minimum Coverage is 25/50/20 

Everyone wants to save money on monthly expenses, and the lower price tag that comes with minimum coverage may look appealing.  However, to determine whether Nevada’s minimum requirements are sufficient for you, it’s important to consider your own financial position.  If you were responsible for damage to someone else’s car or property, would you be able to pay above and beyond your minimum liability coverage of $20,000?  Most cars these days are more than $20,000. 

If you were to get sued, is your financial position personally able to handle thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for someone else’s expensive car, above the $20,000?  What about the other person’s medical expenses?  What happens if they are greater than $25,000, or there is a car full of people; would $50,000 cover it all?  Would that be enough?

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