Reading current articles and watching the news (seeing so much frustration) and watching videos like the one below, confirms our conviction on why it’s vital to assign a licensed health Insurance agent to your account.

Did you know that nationally 85% of all folks that used a Health Insurance broker to help them were very happy they used a broker!  Our goal is much higher than that.  We want ALL of our customers happy!  Having a broker assist you during the enrollment period, and throughout the rest of the year, costs you nothing and is so important. Countless problems occurred during this past Open Enrollment season and not having someone to assist you would be frustrating.  Long hold times, a very slow (and sometimes not working) website and dealing with customer service personnel that don’t know your personal situation.

Agents and brokers not only help you overcome these obstacles, but also understand the health insurance plans, how they work, and how their benefits will protect you individually.  Plus, they understand the networks, the doctors and the hospitals that you can use.  They will listen to you and understand your pharmacy needs and everything else involved in getting the right plan and the right support along with it.

Now that the IRS is involved with making sure you have a qualified health plan in place, you’ll want to avoid the penalties if at all possible.  Understanding how to avoid those penalties is important.  Now you may, however, calculate that a penalty is cheaper for you than buying a health plan, and you may want different options.  A broker can discuss these important issues.  There are so many new rules with health care reform, wouldn’t you want a friendly, educated, pro-active broker on your side?

Assigning a Licensed Health Insurance Agent to your account will allow that agent to be your advocate for any of your health insurance needs.  This includes understanding the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare” (Health Care Reform).  We’ll assist you when enrolling into a “qualified health plan” whether you use Nevada Health Link or not.

Authorized Agent for Nevada Health Link
Post 8-21-14 | Frustration continues over Nevada Health Link

Woman’s surgery delayed by ObamaCare

Click this link to see the video on FOX News:  Obamacare Exchange problem caused delays in coverage

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