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Any of these “life events” will give you an opportunity and a responsibility to adjust your plan.  If any changes like these in your family occur, and if you are or are not receiving a subsidy, you’ll want to call us to make the necessary changes to your plan.  Especially if you ARE receiving a subsidy.

*** We recommend making changes the same week that the event occurs.

♦ Losing your existing health insurance coverage

♦ Cobra expiring

♦ Turning 26 and losing coverage through a parent’s plan or moving away or to college

♦ Changes in marriage, birth or adoption of children, death

♦ Gaining or losing a dependent

♦ No longer eligible for Medicaid

♦ Moving to a different zip code or county

♦ Working seasonally and losing coverage, moving to or from a shelter

♦ Changes in your income that affect the coverage you would qualify for

♦ Becoming a US Citizen

♦ Leaving incarceration

♦ Membership into a federally recognized tribe or status change as an Alaska Native

♦ AmeriCorps members change in service

If you need to make a change because of the circumstances above, and you make that change before the 15th of the month, you’ll start the next month.  If you make the change after the 15th of any month, you’ll start not the next month but the month after that on the 1st.  See exceptions above (birth or marriage, etc).

Call us as soon as possible to make these changes.

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