Technology Is Reshaping How We Get Health Care

The internet has impacted nearly every aspect of our everyday lives, from changing how we watch our favorite shows to making it easier to maintain contact with family and friends living far away. Now, it is even affecting how we meet with our health care providers and get treatment for illnesses, infections and other mild to moderate health concerns and conditions.

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What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the way that patients communicate with health care providers using technology instead of face-to-face office visits. This method of health care is not new; phone-a-nurse lines have been around for decades, and specialists often confer with primary care doctors to offer advice and guidance on treating or managing conditions. However, the increased use of smartphones and video conferencing has led to more health care providers using technology to provide convenient, affordable care.

What Is Telemedicine?

Does Telemedicine Work?

Obviously, meeting with a doctor over a webcam does not replace every office visit. If you are experiencing symptoms of heart attack, stroke, significant and uncontrolled bleeding, or a suspected broken bone, you need to get to a hospital.

However, telemedicine is a great option for follow-up care. For example, if you have started on a new medication and your doctor wants to find out how it is working for you or what side affects you are experiencing, saving the trip to the office, and simply discussing it on a phone call or video conference is appropriate. Telemedicine is a good option for getting fast advice when you have symptoms of a virus or infection, or if you have a skin condition such as a mole or rash. It is also increasingly used by mental health professionals for talk therapy.

How Much Does Telemedicine Cost?

Along with its convenience, among the biggest benefits of telemedicine is its affordability. When chosen as an alternative for going to an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room, telemedicine is considerably more economical. In many cases, it is less expensive than an in-office visit because it focuses on taking care of an acute health concern. Many insurance companies are offering a $0 co-pay per telemedicine visit.

Telemedicine provides easy access to health care for those without health insurance, letting them proactively address viruses or infections before they become more serious. Prices vary depending on where you live and what condition you are treating, but most providers charge very little for a visit. Because telemedicine can prevent more expensive treatments later, it’s more effective for the insurance company to offer these visits to their members too.

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Getting Health Insurance Coverage for Telemedicine with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

As the demand for telemedicine increases and health insurance companies see the long-term benefits of this method of treatment, more health insurance policies are covering virtual care. At Nevada Insurance Enrollment, you can speak with a health insurance agent who can help you find health insurance with the coverage you need, including coverage for telemedicine.

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