Complaints and Recommendations:

The Silver State Insurance Exchange board has received many complaints from insurance carriers and brokers about the ongoing problems plaguing Nevadans that are trying to enroll into health plans through the Nevada Health Link.  The problems are still in the enrollment process itself and the enrollees getting credited for making their payments.  The Exchange board is still in the process of deciding whether they will stay with Xerox (the company hired to develop the website) or to go with another states’ technology that has had better success, or to start from scratch.

The insurance companies affected are worried that their reputations are being affected and that the confidence of the public is waning.  Some of the insurance carriers are stating that they can no longer tolerate the lack of urgency and fixes much longer.  It appears that the Exchange board may make a decision by the end of the month.

Our recommendation here at Nevada Insurance Enrollment is that if you have enrolled into a plan at Nevada Health Link, make certain you pay attention to your bank account, credit card, or check that you wrote to pay for your premiums.  Make certain that you do see the money coming out of your account.  This is a good way to determine that your account is headed in the right direction.

Also pay attention to your account number.  It starts with a 1 then 2 and then there are seven 0’s followed by 6 additional numbers.  For example: 120000000123456.  This is your account number.  Make certain that you are paying for the correct account, and that the money is being withdrawn from your bank account in a timely manner.  The 1st month you enroll, it’s absolutely critical you see the money come out of your account by the 15th of that month, or if you enroll after the 15th of the month, it gets debited by the 15th of the month coming up.  We’ve found with our customers that if they work with us in assisting them, together we can team up and make sure your insurance plan will have fewer problems.

If you do NOT see the money coming out of your account, chances are there’s going to be problems with your account at Nevada Health Link and you getting your insurance coverage started on time.

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