How To Know If Your Health Insurance Covers Telemedicine

Telemedicine, or remote medical care through video chat, email or phone calls, offers a lot of benefits for patients. It makes it easy for those who would otherwise have a hard time getting to their doctor to get the care that they need. Currently, 37 states, including Nevada, have parity laws that require private health insurance companies to cover telemedicine.

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While parity laws vary by state, they generally say that private health insurance companies can’t take the insured’s location into account when determining whether a remote visit with a health provider is covered. In other words, even if you’re video conferencing with your doctor from your workplace, your health insurance company has to cover it.

Although most states require that major health insurance plans cover telemedicine, some types of plans are exempt from this requirement. If you have a worker’s compensation plan or a small group plan, you may not have this coverage.

Telemedicine and Your Health Insurance Coverage

Why Use Telemedicine

In some cases, there’s no substitute for an in-person visit with your doctor. However, telemedicine can be used to treat a range of medical conditions and has benefits that make it an option worth considering next time you need to see your doctor.

Telemedicine Is Convenient

Telemedicine puts healthcare within reach of those who would otherwise have a difficult time visiting a doctor.  If you have a severe sinus infection, the last thing you want to do is spend the afternoon in the doctor’s office. Visits with your doctor can happen right in the comfort and privacy of your home, eliminating the need to take time off work and figure out childcare arrangements.

Telemedicine Can Keep You Healthy

Doctor’s offices are germy places that can be especially dangerous for those who have underlying conditions or weakened immune systems, and in the middle of the Covid pandemic, skipping the in-person visit means that you won’t share close quarters with people who may be sick. On the flip side, if you’re the one who’s sick, visiting with your doctor remotely helps limit the spread of the virus.

What Costs Are Associated with Telemedicine

Just as the exact laws regarding what telemedicine services that health insurance companies must cover vary from state to state, out-of-pocket costs also vary. In some states, patients have the same co-pay for a video or over-the-phone visit that they do for an in-person office visit. Other companies charge a $0 co-pay and others a small, perhaps $10 co-pay. You will need to call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to find out how much this visit is for you. Or you can log in to your “Member Portal” online where you can view your plan details. Even in states that don’t require that health insurance companies charge the same co-pays for telemedicine, many health insurance companies make sure that telemedicine services are affordable. Ultimately, telemedicine makes healthcare more accessible, leading to better care and healthier patients.

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Finding Telemedicine Coverage with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

Telemedicine is a convenient option for those who can’t get to their doctor’s office or prefer to stay at home. A Nevada Insurance Enrollment health insurance agent can help you figure out the details of your health plan and the costs involved in using telemedicine doctors visits.

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What is Telemedicine?


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