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Aetna is one of the leading providers of health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, employee benefits and disability insurance in the country.  Dedicated to helping people achieve health and financial security, Aetna puts information and helpful resources to work for its members.

Aetna has been providing Americans with health insurance for more than 150 years.  Today, almost 40 million people are enrolled in an Aetna health insurance plan.  They have over 18 million medical insurance members, 13.6 million dental insurance members, and 8.8 million pharmacy members.  The company’s provider network contains over 1 million health care professionals, over 587,000 primary care doctors and specialists, and more than 5,400 hospitals.

“Everything we do at Aetna starts with our values — a clear, strongly held set of core beliefs that reflect who we are and what you can expect from us.  We created our core values together, as a company and with guidance from our customers.  Our values carry through our thoughts and actions every day, inspire innovation in our products and services, and drive our commitment to excellence in all we do.”


A better health care system is about more than saving money, of course.  It’s about keeping you healthy.  We’re working with doctors, hospitals and health networks to align the economic incentives so everyone’s focus stays on your health.

Integrity.  Excellence.  Caring.  Inspiration.

♦ Integrity – Do the right thing for the right reason.

♦ Excellence – We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions.

♦ Caring – We listen to and respect our customers and each other so we can act with insight, understanding and compassion.

♦ Inspiration – We inspire each other to explore ideas that can make the world a better place.

Aetna Brand Story
Reinventing Healthcare

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Health Plans with Benefits

You never know where life is going to take you.  But with our health benefits and insurance plans, you can count on the support you need to live a healthier life.  Your plan choice includes:

♦ Tools and resources to help you manage your health and finances

♦ Ongoing support, including disease-specific treatment programs

♦ Access to one of the largest networks of doctors and hospitals in the country

♦ Great customer service from a dedicated team of professionals

Choosing Aetna Health Insurance

Why choose an Aetna health insurance plan?  They offer flexible coverage and affordable rates.  Plus, you’ll have access to one of the nation’s largest networks of health care providers.

Aetna provides individual health insurance plans and group health coverage for businesses of all sizes.  Aetna health insurance plans are available in all 50 states.

The Aetna Foundation

The Aetna Foundation was started in 1972.  The Foundation provides charitable grants to organizations that promote healthy communities and volunteerism.

The Aetna Foundation’s special focus is on creating a world where everyone has equal access to health care.  The Foundation often works with hospitals, schools, and universities to fund programs that improve the quality of care.

The Aetna Foundation and Aetna have donated over $370 million since 1980.  In 2009 alone, the Aetna Foundation and Aetna employees donated over $24 million to community organizations.

History of Aetna Health Insurance

In 1850, Aetna was founded as a life insurance company based in Hartford, Connecticut.  Their company name was inspired by an 11,000 ft Sicilian volcano called Mount Etna (the largest and most active volcano in Europe).

Aetna’s business has survived both World Wars and the Great Depression and have since become one of the largest health insurance companies in America.

Aetna Health Insurance Today

Today, Aetna isn’t just one of the largest health insurance companies, they’re also one of the most forward-thinking.  Aetna has spent millions of dollars helping people without insurance get easier access to health care.  Aetna is also taking a big step into the future of consumer-driven health care with their Physicians Transparency Program.  When this online tool is finished being tested, Aetna members will able to compare prices on common medical procedures from different providers.  It will give them even more choice and control over their health care.

Aetna health insurance is one of the first companies to obtain race and ethnicity information from members voluntarily.  From that information Aetna works on reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care.  Aetna has a director of racial and ethnic equality initiatives to ensure their progress and quality of care for Aetna health insurance consumers.

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