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The purpose of this website is meant to be used for educational purposes in general and to provide information about our qualifications and experience.  Nothing in this website constitutes legal advice.   All readers will need to check the latest and up-to-date regulations of the ACA and make decisions based on the most updated regulations.  The information contained in this website is the exclusive property of Nevada Insurance Enrollment.  It is not to be duplicated, copied or taken out of context in any way.

Much of the research conducted came from many sources including the ACA itself (yes, we read the bill).

The ACA was written by the Federal Government and each State may make adjustments to the law.  They may “improve” any of the provisions to the law as they see fit, however, they may not depreciate the regulations in any manner.  These terms are updated to the Nevada law as much as possible.  This website makes no claims whatsoever, and we are not a government agency or policy making entity.  We only are interpreting the law to the best of our ability.  We don’t give any legal advice, but may make recommendations only.

We are here for the better good for our community and intend to support The Silver State Exchange and its entities.  We highly recommend you consult an Attorney and /or a CPA that specializes in the Affordable Care Act.  Our main purpose is in enrolling individuals, families, and businesses into insurance plans.  This information may not reflect the most current legal developments, and it may not be applicable to your specific circumstances.  Do not act upon this information without seeking legal counsel.

Our intention is to put difficult health care reform and insurance concepts and terms into everyday understandable language.  This website is dedicated to ordinary everyday Nevadans and their Employers that are trying to understand insurance and health care reform.  We recommend that you refer to a copy of your insurance policy after you’ve chosen and purchased a plan and review that plan thoroughly within the “Free Look” period.  This is a period of time the insurance company gives you to review the policy and read and understand and agree to the terms of the policy for your final approval of accepting the plan.

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