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Your health insurance premium is determined by your family size and income IF you buy your health insurance “ON Exchange” (meaning you qualify for a government “subsidy” where the government helps you pay for your health insurance). If you buy your own private plan OFF Exchange, your income or family size wont matter, with 1 exception. In Nevada, a family size over 5, or more than 3 children, the 4th child is free! So, 10 kids would cost the same as 3 kids.

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When you are trying to determine your portion of the premium you pay when buying a health insurance plan from the government website, your premium will be determined by your family size and income. The amount of subsidy you are eligible for will fluctuate based on age, your zip code, and the number of people in your household.

Health Insurance Premium Determined By Family Size & Income

The older you are, the more subsidy you’ll be qualified for, even if the younger individual makes the same amount of money with the same number of people in the household. But the premium for the younger person compared to the older person will be the same no matter what the age is, if the number of members in the household are the same and the income is the same.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay on top of your account when you get a subsidy from the Government.

If your “Household” changes, for example, adding or removing a child or spouse or any income changes, such as, employment wages increase/decrease, withdrawing social security, taking money out of a 401K plan, etc. you will need to report it. Anything that would change your tax return will be your responsibility to update. Therefore, it is so important to contact your agent to assist you with this process.

2022 Health Insurance Subsidy Chart - Federal Poverty Levels

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The reason for keeping your account up to date is because when you file your taxes next year for this year, the IRS will look back at your overall household income and family members and if you received TOO MUCH subsidy, you’ll have to pay back the overage. Also, if you didn’t receive the full subsidy you were entitled to, you’ll get a credit for receiving too little. It is very important to be honest and accurate when filling out your application for a subsidy or you could get bit.

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