Health Insurance While Traveling Out of the Country

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What is Worldwide Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance (health insurance while traveling) is for travelers who are leaving the United States and want to have health insurance coverage on their trip.

It is sometimes called Worldwide Medical Insurance, International Medical Insurance, International Travel Insurance or Worldwide Health Insurance.

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Why Do I Need Additional Health Insurance While Traveling?

Typically, most insurance plans don’t cover outside the U.S., and any accident or illness would not be covered.  This type of health insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies and evacuations outside of the United States.  Emergency dental treatment is usually included and emergency transportation (ambulance, air lift) services are also covered.  An emergency medical evacuation will get you out of a remote area and transported to a safe place where you can receive proper medical care.

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If you’re traveling out of the country, having quality health insurance is VERY important and is often overlooked when planning a trip.  No one expects to get sick or injured on a vacation, but when it happens, it can get very expensive.

It’s so important to think about travel medical insurance as being EVERY BIT as important as what hotel you’ll stay at, what airline you’ll fly on, what clothes to bring or remembering your medications.  If something does happen to you, the hotel, the flight, your wardrobe and toiletries won’t seem so important.

You’ve waited a long time for that well-deserved vacation. You’ve booked your trip and updated your passport.  Your bags are packed and waiting by the door.  The day has finally arrived.  You are traveling abroad and have a full itinerary planned for your short trip.

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience – from planning your trip to everything that you do while you’re away. But unpredictable illnesses and accidents can happen and the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming.  To help you get the most of your global experience and provide you with Global Peace of Mind, IMG offers several short-term international travel medical insurance plans to protect you while away from home and top-notch services to help ease the stress of unfamiliar medical systems.

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