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One of the industry leaders for online discounts for many prescriptions is

GoodRx is a company that operates a telemedicine platform and a free-to-use website and mobile app that tracks prescription drug prices in the United States and provides free drug coupons, for deep discounts on medications. They gather prices from more than 75,000 pharmacies across the U.S. to bring you up-to-date information about what discounts are available and how you can save. Their team of experts ranging from doctors and pharmacists to data scientists and economist. They scour the latest research and news from the FDA and other sources to bring you the latest insights about medications and your health.

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Manufacturers Coupons For Prescription Drugs

More than 10 million Americans trust GoodRx to help them find better discounts and prices every month. Since opening in 2011, they’ve helped people save more than $14 billion in prescription drug expenses. The app is consistently ranked as #1 in the medical category on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and one-third of doctors recommend GoodRx to their patients, and so do we here at Nevada Insurance Enrollment. We’ve come to rely on their website for research and pricing purposes on a regular basis. Their online coupons can be significant!

This FREE Phone App Gives Huge Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Why pay full price? Prescription discounts from a FREE phone app. The app is easy to use / easy to understand. They also have a wide selection of available prescriptions.

A pharmacist told one of our clients to go to to get discount coupons for her prescriptions. They paid $86 for Pulmicort/Budesonide and didn’t even use her insurance. Without insurance or without Goodrx – the retail price was $436.

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Now for some legal stuff:

♦ We have NO affiliation with GoodRX.

♦ Yes, this is legitimate and works very well.

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