Re-posted on 3/6/19

You can still buy Health Insurance (with or without a subsidy) with local agents.

Now the way the State of Nevada is marketing their website (Nevada Health Link) may lead you to believe that their website is the ONLY place to buy Health Insurance these days, but that is NOT the case!  You can continue to buy your Health Insurance from the same agents and agencies you’ve always bought your Health Insurance from.

Let’s use the analogy of the Governments Marketplace to buy health insurance as if it were an Auto Dealership.  The Governments “Marketplace” or in our example, an Auto Dealership, is really an online website in which you can get your Ford, Chevy or Honda.  If your income falls within a bracket of 138% to 400% of the federal poverty level, the Government will help contribute each month towards the payment of your new car.

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OK, let’s leave the auto dealership analogy and get back to the real world.

Buy Your Health Insurance From a Local, Licensed Agent

You can buy your health plans from the same places you’ve always bought health insurance and continue to enjoy the friendly, knowledgeable assistance an experienced local health insurance agent provides.  Using a Private “Marketplace (like this website: you have the ability to shop numerous insurance companies, receive your government subsidy, and choose the policy best suited to your personal needs and budget.

So the next time you hear an advertisement about the Nevada Health Link, remember, they are NOT the only shop in town and NOT the only place you can buy Health Insurance or receive a government subsidy.

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