A “Subsidy” is an Advanced Premium Tax Credit from the IRS

Edited on 3/4/20
Re-posted on 3/4/20

What this means is that you may get a reduced Health Insurance premium payment due to your income, the number of family members you are insuring, where in Nevada you live, your age, and if you smoke.  The only way to get an Advanced Premium Tax Credit or “Subsidy” is to get a health insurance plan on the Public “Exchange” (Nevada Health Link).  Your income will be checked with the IRS records and/or a Federal Database so if you claim a certain income, the Public “Exchange” will check your past years income tax records before you get approved for a subsidy.

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If your income is between 138% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level you may qualify for a subsidy (view our chart to determine if you qualify for a “Subsidy” – CLICK HERE).  Your income will be checked with the IRS records or a Federal Database, so if you claim a certain income, the “Exchange” will check with the IRS of your past years’ income tax records before you can get approved for a subsidy.

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Be Very Careful Not To Get TOO MUCH Subsidy

Why?  Because you’d have to pay the extra subsidy back to the IRS.  For example: If your health insurance premiums are $1,000/month and you get a Subsidy of $800/month and you only have to pay $200/month.  At the end of the year when you do your taxes, the Government will check your income, IF you were only supposed to have received an Advanced Tax Credit (subsidy) of $700/month instead of $800/month, you’ll owe the Government an extra $100/month X 12 months is $1,200.

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How do you avoid this?  If your income goes up or goes down, it’s very important to contact our licensed health insurance agents so that we can update your new income.  This way you can have your Subsidy adjusted to either get less “Subsidy” or get more “Subsidy” based on your new income, or ANY changes in your family status.  You don’t want to owe the IRS money back at the end of the year because you received too much Subsidy, and if your income went down, you’ll probably be eligible for more subsidy.

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