Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Cover OEM Parts?

Do you have car damage that needs to be repaired or a part that needs to be replaced? You may assume that the repairs will be done using OEM parts, which means “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, but this isn’t always the case. If you are making a claim under your collision coverage, your auto insurance policy should stipulate the type of parts that will be used in your car repair.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer vs Aftermarket Parts

OEM Parts and Insurance Policy

Don’t automatically assume that your auto insurance coverage covers OEM parts, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Before you make your choice, be sure to review the coverage you have in your auto insurance policy. Most insurance companies push for aftermarket parts because they share the same purpose for a cheaper price than OEM parts. Car owners, however are mostly more concerned with safety features and high-quality parts and will more than likely push for original equipment manufacturer parts.

Aftermarket V.S. Factory Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. They are designed to match the parts that came with your car when it rolled off the assembly line. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, refer to the parts of a vehicle that aren’t sourced from the car’s manufacturer.

When you take your car to the dealership for repairs, know you’ll get OEM car parts. However, if you go to an independent shop, you most likely will get aftermarket car parts. It does pay to know the difference between the two.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket parts. While some people won’t mind the extra cost of OEM parts, others are more cost-driven and will gladly accept the cheaper option – aftermarket parts.

When choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts, your decision will primarily depend on the kind of repair needed, the quality and cost of the parts. Ultimately, the choice is yours (unless your insurance policy does not covers OEM parts)!! You would be wise to verify in your auto policy, that OEM parts are covered. Also, it does help to have an auto technician you can trust, so he/she can direct you toward the best option for your particular situation.

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What If My Insurance Company Does Not Cover OEM Parts?

Your insurance can cover the cost of the aftermarket parts, and you’ll be responsible for covering the difference in cost between the aftermarket parts and the OEM parts. Alternatively, if OEM means everything to you, then you may need to find an auto insurance carrier that covers OEM parts.

Why Don’t Most Insurance Carriers Cover OEM Parts?

Insurance carriers use aftermarket parts to keep insurance rates affordable for everyone. If they were to cover OEM parts only, auto insurance could cost more. Boils down to money.

OEM Coverage with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

By selecting the right insurance company to cover your vehicle, you can find OEM coverage that does everything it can to repair your car and get it back to its original condition. Trust our Las Vegas, Nevada auto insurance agents to find the coverage you need to get your vehicle serviced according to your needs. Get in touch with us today at (702) 430-8101.

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