How Might Health Insurance Change Over the Next Few Years?

In 2020, about 31 million Americans did not have health insurance coverage, and tens of millions more had inadequate coverage. President Biden has said that his plan for health insurance will cover more than 97% of Americans, providing affordable, robust coverage through a public option for individuals and families.

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What Does President Biden’s Plan for Health Insurance Include?

President Biden’s plan for health insurance hinges on four pillars. These include a new Medicare-like public option for everyone, streamlined plans, more affordable drug prices and ensuring that health insurance remains accessible, regardless of preexisting conditions.

President Biden's Plan For Health Insurance

Creating a Public Health Insurance Option

A big part of President Biden’s plan involves a new public health insurance option similar to the current Medicare program. This option would be available to everyone, including those who buy health insurance on the Marketplace, who could get health insurance through their employer or who do not have coverage at all. Like Medicare, the public option would negotiate lower prices from healthcare providers and cover primary care services without copays. This would help individuals as well as small businesses who struggle to afford coverage for employees.

Streamlining Health Insurance Plans

If you have tried browsing health insurance plans without the help of a professional health insurance agent, then you already know how confusing they can be. Varying premiums, subsidies and benefits can make it hard to figure out just how much you will pay for health services under a given plan. President Biden’s plan for health insurance would make plans more affordable and easier to navigate.

Cutting Down on Prescription Drug Costs

President Biden plans to build on President Trump’s initiatives to lower prescription drug prices through a few measures, including increasing regulations, getting generics to market more quickly so patients have alternatives to expensive name-brand medications and increasing competition from international suppliers. Currently, drug corporations do not have to negotiate with Medicare over drug prices, letting them set whatever price they want for medications. President Biden intends to repeal this law. Additionally, consumers would be allowed to buy prescription drugs from other countries as long as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services certified that the medications meet safety standards.

Keeping Health Care Accessible

President Biden’s plan includes keeping health care accessible by ensuring that those with preexisting conditions can continue to get health insurance that covers the condition and all complications related to it. His plan includes expanded funding for community clinics that provide affordable care for those without sufficient health insurance coverage. It also includes improving access to mental health services.

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