Auto Insurance Can Exclude Coverage for Intentional Acts

Road rage is becoming more and more prevalent on our streets. We seem to be growing more intolerant of each other, and society seems to be more and more accepting that it’s ok that we are impatient and unfriendly on our roads and highways. We need to do our part to be courteous and let each other merge when needed, slow down when around city workers, watch for pedestrians and motorcycles more attentively, obey the laws of the land in general, and go one step further in being a thoughtful and courteous driver.

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Road Rage Can Be A Criminal Offense

Road rage does endanger other drivers and their passengers. It goes further than being aggressive. It’s the extreme intentional aggression in driving that can make it criminal. Such as, catching up to someone on a street and plotting to get back at them, cutting someone off and provoking an accident, or threatening someone by getting out of your car. You should avoid retaliation. Don’t take what another driver does personally. They may be having a bad day, but a rude driver shouldn’t invoke in you to outdo their rudeness by becoming potentially criminal.

Road Rage and How It Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

How This Pertains to Auto Insurance

Did you know that an insurance company can exclude coverage for intentional acts? If you instruct someone in your car, or you as the driver decide to “get even” with another driver and you go a little too far and others get hurt, or property damage occurs; there’s a chance you’ll be paying for that out of your own pocket. This situation could change your financial livelihood for many years, by overreacting to a situation that very easily could have been shrugged off and ignored. Once your auto insurance policy is due for renewal, your insurance company will probably not renew your policy. Once you are classified as a high-risk driver, you may find it very difficult to find insurance.

Avoiding Road Rage

You can avoid road rage by just deciding to never overreact to a driving situation. But here are some ideas to help you keep your cool. Don’t honk, unless to warn a driver they are near you and to be mindful of your vehicle. Honking just to honk as retaliation because you feel slighted is not what horns were designed for, and now you have become the nuisance. Avoid tailgating and tailgaters. Just move over and let aggressive drivers get around you. Don’t look at aggressive drivers, this helps to de-escalate the situation. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going. Most times when we are running late, we are the cause of our own stress, not the other guy who’s minding the rules. Avoid hand gestures. It just provokes responses and retaliation.

Assault and battery is very serious and is intentional. If a driver intentionally hits you with their car while you are driving your car, or they get out of their car and come towards you while you are in your car and start punching or banging on your car or a person in your car, this is most likely going to be looked at as battery. Anything that harms or offensively touches you (including while you are in your car) could be held as battery.  A battery charge could get you into a great deal of trouble with the law. Criminally and civilly.

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