Vision Insurance: Are You Getting the Best Value for Your Money?

Health insurance does not cover vision insurance, except children on a family plan. So, if you are among the millions of Americans who have vision problems and rely on glasses or contacts, you may need to consider your options. In most cases, vision insurance is very affordable and can provide significant yearly cost savings on appointments with your eye doctor and corrective lenses. Many companies provide vision coverage, and knowing which ones offer the best value can help you spend your health dollars wisely.

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What Is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is supplemental health insurance that covers vision-related care. This includes annual visits and emergency care, along with corrective products such as glasses and contacts. Some plans also have coverage for corrective surgery, but generally speaking, eye surgery would be covered under your health insurance plan in almost all cases. Your plan likely has copays (a certain dollar amount you pay towards a given service), coinsurance (a percentage of the cost of a service) or deductibles (an out-of-pocket amount you must meet before your vision insurance kicks in).

What Is the Best Vision Insurance?

The Best Vision Insurance Companies

Nevada residents have numerous vision insurance companies to choose from. Not all plans are available statewide, but a health insurance agent can help you determine what is available in your area.

What to Look For:

  • Co-pays for the eye exam
  • The “allowance” for the frames
  • How often you can get new frames
  • Co-pay for the lenses
  • What the co-pay or co-insurance covers for single vision, bifocals, and trifocals

A Local Favorite and Best Overall:  V S P (Vision Service Plan)

Many providers in Nevada accept VSP vision plans. It’s popular, well rounded, has good coverage and many providers accept it. VSP is the nation’s largest nonprofit full-service vision plan. It has more than 55 million members, a network of over 38,000 access points, and 26,000 private-practice doctors. It is a customer favorite for its numerous vision plans and affordable copays.

The Best for Wellness Services: UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is among the largest health insurance providers in the nation. Its vision coverage features a modest copay for glasses that offsets the low monthly premium when services are used annually. It also provides coverage for vision correction surgery.

The Best Budget-Friendly Option: Direct Vision Insurance

Direct Vision Insurance’s policies are underwritten by Ameritas, a leading health insurance provider. Direct Vision’s plans have low deductibles and low premiums, helping individuals and families control their costs.

The Best Value: Humana

Humana’s vision insurance plans are simple and straightforward, making it easy to compare coverage options. While discounts are only available when you use in-network providers, you can save money on your enrollment fee and monthly premium by bundling your vision coverage with one of Humana’s dental plans.

The Best for Contact Lens Wearers: EyeMed

EyeMed has numerous network providers throughout the nation, including Target Optical, Pearle Vision and LensCrafters, as well as private-practice doctors. There are three tiered levels for you to choose from, letting you get customized coverage that fits your needs and budget. Its Bright plan provides a generous contact allowance, making it a good option for those who rely on contacts.

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Finding Vision Insurance with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

Finding the right vision insurance for your unique needs can provide significant savings. At Nevada Insurance Enrollment, our experienced health insurance agents help you review available plans and find the one that is right for your vision needs.

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