Two months have passed since Health Insurance Open Enrollment began…and here is an update!

Nevada has moved to the Federal website technology for the 2015 health insurance plan enrollments.  Nevada did not move in a direction to replace the company that built Nevada Health Link with another new contractor, but decided to utilize the Federal website’s enrollment system for this year’s “Open Enrollment” (November 15th 2014 through February 15th 2015).

We applaud this decision and think it was the right thing to do!  The residents of Nevada had experienced so much frustration with last years 2013/2014 roll out of Nevada Health Link, and all the problems it had. It would be unfair to make Nevada residents go through the same experience they went through last year when enrolling for health insurance this open enrollment year 2014/2015.

Last year Nevada provided a very broken website/system for our residents to enroll in health insurance, but this years enrollments have been so much better!  Overall, our residents have experienced a less glitchy experience than last year.  Nevada will remain a state-run marketplace, not a federally run marketplace, but we’ll use their website and technology.

Good job Nevada Exchange.  Hip Hip Hooray!

We thank you and think you made a great decision!

Post 1-15-15 | Applaud the Nevada Health Insurance Exchange
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