What Is the Free Look Period in Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a big purchase, and as is the case with most big purchases, understanding exactly what it is that you’ve purchased is important. To help customers avoid buyer’s remorse, health insurance policies are required to offer a free-look period. If at any time during this period you find that you’re dissatisfied with your policy, you can cancel it and get your money back.

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What Is The Free Look Period in Health Insurance?

When Is the Free-Look Period Available?

In most cases, full health insurance coverage is an annual contract, and policyholders renew their contract every year. Free-look is only applicable to the first time you purchase that policy and is not available after you renew an existing policy. It kicks in when you receive your policy documents, ensuring that you have ample time to review everything and ensure that the policy you’ve chosen will meet your needs.  Most are 10 days to review your policy for satisfaction.

It’s important to note that the free-look requirement is only applicable on health insurance policies that have terms of at least 3 years. Shorter-duration plans that are given for less than a year are not subject to the free-look rule.  All ACA plans do have the free look period, with or without a government subsidy.

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Understanding Your Health Insurance with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

Health insurance can be complicated, as there are numerous types of plans available. Free-look is an important feature that gives you the opportunity to review your policy and make sure that you understand what it covers. A Nevada Insurance Enrollment health insurance agent can review your policy with you and help you purchase health insurance with confidence.

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