Avoiding Gaps in Healthcare Coverage

The unfortunate fact about health insurance companies is that many do not have a national network. This means if you visit another state, you most likely will have emergency coverage only.  If you move out of state, you’ll need to get coverage in your new state and need to report your move within 30 days and enroll into a plan within 60 days, but each state rules may vary.  When you move, if you have insurance now, it would be considered a qualifying life event. You’ll want to investigate your options as soon as possible and make sure you ask if the plans you are looking at are ACA Qualified Health Plans.

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How To Avoid Health Insurance Coverage Gaps When Moving Out Of State

Enroll Before Time Runs Out

Once you move to a new state and establish a new address, you’ll have 60 days to obtain health insurance. If you miss this period, you could have a substantial gap in your health insurance coverage and be unable to get coverage until the next January by applying during “Open Enrollment” (Nov 1st through Jan 15th). You would either need to experience another qualifying life event (marriage, birth of baby, etc.) or wait until the open enrollment period. It’s important to take action and pay attention to details like choosing a health insurance plan that has a government “subsidy” if you qualify, a plan with no subsidy, choose a provider, and find the best plan for your budget and health needs. All this must be done within the 60-day period from your move date, or the last day of health coverage from your prior state. That is a lot of data to process in a short amount of time but speaking with a health insurance agent to assist you through the confusing maze of choosing a health insurance plan would be greatly beneficial.

Proof of Residency in Health Insurance

Before you can obtain new health insurance coverage in Nevada, you’ll have to prove your qualifying life event. Therefore, if you lost your previous coverage because you moved to Nevada, you’ll have to prove that by showing you established a residence in Nevada, along with proof you had coverage in your prior state. The most common way to prove your residency is with a utility bill from your old address along with a utility bill with your new Nevada address. You can also use lease documents or a Nevada driver’s license with your new address, along with proof of health insurance from the state in which you moved from.

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Navigating through the many options when it comes to health insurance can be confusing. An experienced health insurance agent in Las Vegas, Nevada can discuss the many health insurance options that are available to you so that you have ample time to make an informed decision. You’ll be able to make competent choices regarding providers you want to use, as well as gain a full understanding of the coverage you need. Health insurance issues can be difficult to comprehend on your own. By using a knowledgeable health insurance agent, you’ll be able to obtain the coverage you need within the 60 days after your qualifying event. This means you won’t have to worry about a gap in your health insurance coverage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be continuously insured and won’t be on your own when health complications arise.

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