How to Maximize the Cool

Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Performing at Peak Capacity?

If you’ve ever driven on a sizzling summer day in Southern Nevada, then you already know what an important job your car air conditioner has. On a 100-degree day, a car’s interior can heat up to about 140-degrees within an hour. Driving around with less than cool, or worse, lukewarm air can make an already miserable day almost unbearable.

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Tips on How to Cool Down Your Car This Summer

If your car’s A/C isn’t up to the job of keeping you cool, try following these suggestions to maximize your comfort through the blistering summer months.

Car Air Conditioning

Start by Parking in the Shade When Possible

Although technically, there is no difference in temperature when parked in the shade, being in direct sunlight and the sun’s radiation makes the air inside your car feel anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees hotter. Parking in a shady spot starts the air out cooler, which in turn, helps your car cool down faster.

If parking in the shade isn’t available, create some for your vehicle by putting up a windshield and/or window shades. The bonus to these shades is that they can also protect your dashboard and interior from damage.

Don’t Pre-Cool Your Car

Your air conditioner works better when there’s actual airflow running through it. It’s also better for gas mileage and battery life in an electric or hybrid car to wait until the car is moving to turn on your A/C.

If the interior of the car is extremely hot when you first get inside, crack the back windows for up to 20 seconds and turn on the fan. This will force all the hot air out while bringing in cooler air.

Avoid Turning on Max A/C Right Away

On the hottest days of the year, it can be tempting to set your A/C to the max, thinking that you will get the coldest setting quickly. But did you know that when you set it to the max setting, you are actually pulling air from the inside of the car? Instead of drawing air from inside the car, start by turning the A/C button temporarily off, while putting the fan at its maximum speed. After some of the hot air has left the vehicle, it’s time to turn on the A/C. Once you’ve activated the A/C, then hit the max cool and recirculate the air so that your car is consistently getting cooler air running through it.

Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Just as the name suggests, the cabin air filters out dirt and dust through the air. As time goes on, they can get dirty or clogged, preventing air from flowing through. Failure to change them out according to your owner’s manual can lead to an overworked A/C system and reduced cooling performance.

Make Sure the A/C Condenser is Clean

Much like with the A/C filter, dirt and debris can build up along the airflow path, leading to a widely less effective cooling system. Ensuring that it is periodically inspected and cleaned for optimal operation will keep you cool longer.

Check for Any Leaks

Using a vehicle’s air conditioning unit over a long period of time, especially during an extremely hot summer, can lead to some loss of the system’s refrigerant. If you’re continually having to add more coolant, that’s not normal, and you should consider having it checked by a trained professional for leaks.

Increase Your Comfort With Nevada Enrollment Insurance

Air conditioning is just one of many ways to stay comfortable this summer and knowing you have the right automobile coverage is another. At Nevada Insurance Enrollment, our auto insurance agents can help you find affordable coverage that fits your needs.

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