Excluding Drivers From Your Auto Insurance

In Nevada, auto insurance policyholders are allowed to exclude specific members of their household from their insurance policy. While this may seem like a smart way to save money on your monthly premium (after all, adding your teenage son on your policy, for example, may greatly affect your premium), it’s rarely a good idea. Keep reading to learn who should be listed on your policy and why it’s important to list them.

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Who Are the Members of My Household?

Generally speaking, anyone who lives with you – whether they’re a member of your family or not – is considered by your insurer to be a member of your household. College students away from home without a vehicle aren’t required to be on a policy, and could be a “permissive” driver if visiting home for the weekend, holidays, or school breaks. Your insurer may want to know about anyone outside of your household who drives your car on a regular basis. Meaning if you lend out your car or let someone borrow it on a regular basis.

Emergencies Arise

While you may think that there’s virtually no chance that you’ll hand your car keys over to a household member that’s not listed on your policy, the fact is that emergencies happen. They may need to use your vehicle at some point, and ensuring that they have the full benefits of your policy is essential for your own financial security. It’s important to make sure that all drivers in your household are covered by your insurance policy. Call us so that we may help you review your policy and identify any gaps in coverage.

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