Don’t Let the Summer Sun Take Its Toll on Your Car

As Nevada’s summer temperatures soar well into the 90s, you probably notice that your vehicle takes a little extra time to cool down after it’s been sitting outside for a while. According to Live Science, after being parked in the sun on a 95-degree day for an hour, the inside of a car hits an average of 116 degrees. The dashboard gets even hotter at 157 degrees, the surface of the steering wheel reaches an average of 127 degrees and the seats are a searing 123 degrees on average.

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Post - Protecting Your Car From The Summer Heat

Unfortunately, that heat isn’t just uncomfortable; over time, it can take a big toll on your vehicle’s interior, exterior and engine. Taking a few extra precautions during the summer can help keep your vehicle safer and more comfortable.

Tips for Protecting Your Car in Hot Weather

Protecting Your Car’s Systems

Check Your Battery: High temperatures and use of your vehicle’s air conditioner and blower fan can cause your battery to wear out a bit faster than normal. To avoid being greeted by a dead car battery after a long day of work, have your mechanic check your vehicle’s battery on a regular basis. It’s not out of the normal to change batteries every couple of years in these

Make Sure Your Car Cools Efficiently: Speaking of your air conditioner, if you notice that your car is taking a long time to cool down, then you may need to have your car’s refrigerant charge level checked.

Check Fluid Levels: While it’s always good to be mindful of your car’s fluid levels, including its transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid and brake fluid, it’s especially important when it’s hot outside.

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Protecting Your Car’s Interior

Avoid Direct Sunlight: When it’s possible, park your vehicle in the shade. If parking in the shade isn’t possible consider getting a windshield sun protector.

Open a Window: If it’s safe to do so, leave your vehicle’s windows open just a couple of inches to let hot air escape.

Keep Your Dash Dust-Free: On a weekly basis, give your dash a quick swipe with a microfiber cloth to remove dust, which can cause tiny scratches that worsen over time.

Use a Leather Conditioner: As anyone who has sat on leather seats on a hot day while wearing shorts, those seats get hot.