The Importance of Health Insurance and Life Insurance

Many people don’t recognize the value of life insurance and health insurance until they actually use it and may even think they can work around high medical or funeral expenses.

Post - Two of the Most Naïve and Aggravating Things Insurance Agents Hear

The first Most Naïve and Aggravating thing Insurance Agents Hear:

“I’ll Negotiate My Own Cash Price for Medical Bills, I’m healthy”

While some doctors and hospitals will work with you to come to a more affordable payment arrangement, if you don’t have the cash up front, you’re probably not going to be able to lower your bill. Hospital fees can easily hit six figures or more, even a miraculous 90% discount might be too great a burden to handle, especially if you’re also not earning a paycheck due to an injury or illness. It’s true, in some instances you may find a doctor that is ok with making payments, but no hospital or larger procedure will be. You will not be able to negotiate prices like a large insurance company can, they are in this business professionally, and know how to negotiate pricing.

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The Second Most Naïve and Aggravating thing Insurance Agents Hear:

“Bury Me in the Backyard When I Die, I Don’t Need Life Insurance”

Really? This is clearly a funny way of saying I’m procrastinating the inevitable. I’ll let my loved ones or someone else pay for my final expenses and deal with it. Unless you are wealthy and have lots of assets that won’t need to be sold in under a week, then you are truly good to go. But if you don’t want your loved ones scrambling at the last minute and fire selling all your stuff at an under-market value (to hurry and pay the final expenses) it’s best to plan ahead! Technically, there are no state or federal laws that prohibit burial on private property, although there may be some zoning laws that would prevent you from doing so. On top of that, your HOA, not to mention any future home buyers, may be decidedly less on board with your cost-effective solution and a little creeped out. However, even if your family members got the go-ahead to bury you in the backyard, they’d still be legally required to hire a funeral director, purchase a casket of some sort or pay for cremation services and cover any other costs that pop up.

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Can Help

Life and health insurance expenses are smart and necessary for financial security, both for you and your loved ones. Nevada Insurance Enrollment’s insurance agents specialize in helping Nevadans find affordable coverage.

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