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In Nevada, every single driver is required to carry liability insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, if the at-fault party has state minimum coverage, their insurer will pay for up to $25,000 in medical bills per person, up to $50,000 in medical bills for per incident, and up to $20,000 in property damage. Remember that this coverage takes care of the driver and passengers who were hit and does absolutely nothing for the repair bills of the person who caused the accident.

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But What Happens If It’s a Really Bad Accident?

So, say that you have state minimum coverage because you’re a good driver and you’re on a budget. You’re late to work one day though, so you run a red light and cause an accident. It’s an especially bad accident that puts five people in the hospital and totals their vehicle.

Your own vehicle is totaled and you haven’t been able to turn your neck since the collision, but you have bigger fish to fry because, once again, you have to foot the medical bills of five people and replace their vehicle. Your liability coverage will only cover a max of $50,000 in medical bills and $20,000 in property damage, which barely scratches the surface of the sum total.

But guess what; you still need to cover those bills. That’s right. The accident is your fault, so it’s your job to make it right. The other party can take you to court and sue you for everything that you’re worth to recoup the expense of their medical bills, the loss of their vehicle, lost wages, and anything else resulting from the collision.

Bottom line: You really want to have sufficient liability coverage. Talk to your auto insurance agent about your coverage limits to ensure that you’re adequately protected.

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