More Health Insurance Options for Nevadans in 2020

Health insurance has undergone some massive changes in the last few years, including the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Then the back and forth of limiting short term health insurance, and then a few years later the expansion of short-term health insurance plans, then again limiting short term health insurance to 6 months in a 12 month period in Nevada.

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Post - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Coming Back To Nevada

Now the elimination of the “Individual Mandate” (tax fine for not having health insurance in Nevada). For Nevadans, there have been even more changes, largely related to how and when they are able to enroll in health insurance and what plan options they have available.

Anthem Discontinued Plans in Nevada

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offered health insurance plans in Nevada years ago, but they discontinued their ACA-compliant (Obamacare) individual market plans for a few years, offering only “catastrophic” (high deductible) health plans to individuals under 30 years old. However, in 2020, Anthem is now offering health insurance plans statewide, giving Nevadans in all counties additional health insurance options we did not have in 2019.

Health Insurance Coverage from Three Insurers

There are three health insurance companies that are planning to offer coverage to Nevada residents through Nevada Health Link in 2020, including Health Plan of Nevada, SilverSummit (AMbetter), and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Some counties, however, may have fewer options.

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Changes to Year-Round Health Insurance Enrollment

As you probably already know, if you will be signing up for individual health insurance in 2020, and you need assistance and are eligible for a “Government Subsidy”, you’ll sign up on Nevada Health Link, not if you want a Government subsidy. You can only sign up for Health Insurance during “Open Enrollment“. There are a few exceptions: if you have a “Life Event” (like losing coverage through a job or spouses/parents job, or moving to Nevada losing your coverage, or the birth of a baby, or marriage, etc. Outside of a few exceptions, you may not be able to enroll into a “Qualified Health Plan” for the remainder of 2020. To find out if you qualify for a “Special Enrollment Period”, talk to a health insurance agent.

Finding the Best Health Insurance for 2020 with Nevada Insurance Enrollment

From signing up through a new health insurance enrollment portal to having many more types of health insurance plans to choose from, 2020 is bringing some significant changes. Choosing the wrong health insurance plan, or worse, missing the open enrollment deadline, can end up costing you a lot of stress and money. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate all of these changes alone. At Nevada Insurance Enrollment, our health insurance agents are experts in helping customers evaluate their health needs and choose from the best health insurance plans that fit their lifestyle and budget. Our services are free to customers, so contact us today to begin the process of shopping for health insurance for 2020.

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