From 1/1/2014 on, all individual and family health insurance plans will have these “Metallic” names whether you purchase health insurance “On Exchange” or “Off Exchange”.  It gives you an easy-to-understand overview of how the plans will share the payment of your medical bills.

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♦ Platinum covers 90% of your medical bills, up until the “out of pocket maximum”.

♦ Gold covers 80% of your medical bills, up until the “out of pocket maximum”.

♦ Silver covers 70% of your medical bills, up until the “out of pocket maximum”.

♦ Bronze covers 60% of your medical bills, up until the “out of pocket maximum”.

The New Metal Plans For Health Insurance

This percentage will not go on forever, there is always an “Out of Pocket Maximum” (this is your pocket, not the insurance company), so you’ll only pay your portion of the expenses until you’ve paid your out of pocket maximum.


The Out of Pocket maximums for 2022 are:


Individuals: $8,700.                            $8,550 for 2021


Families: $17,400                              $17,100 for 2021


You’ll want to review your “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” to find out what your deductible is, your co-insurance, your out of pocket maximum, along with all of the important details of what your plan covers.

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