The Majority of Car Accidents Are Caused By A Driver Who Was Distracted

According to Eric Bolton, a spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most car accidents are caused by a driver who was distracted. Every day, nine people die because of distracted driving, and far more have close calls because of multi-tasking behind the wheel. If you’ve ever looked around while driving around Las Vegas, you’ve probably noticed how many people are dividing their attention between driving and texting, surfing the internet, or searching for the next song to listen to. It’s not hard to see how this habit can result in a tragedy. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of tools to help drivers stay safe and alert when driving. 

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How Phone Apps Are Fighting Distracted Driving In Nevada

Top Reasons for Distracted Driving

Unsurprisingly, our smartphones are the most common of driving distractions. From reading and sending texts to looking up directions, many drivers divide their attention between their driving and their cellphone – often, unsuccessfully. A text takes an average of five seconds to read, and whether you’re traveling at high speeds down the interstate or driving through a residential neighborhood, a lot can happen in that small window of time. Studies have shown that 97.5 percent of people cannot safely drive and text at the same time. Unless you are in the 2.5 percent that can, (most think they are in that 2.5%) you should put the phone away when you’re behind the wheel. Move it out of your reach.

This is just one the most common distractions that drivers face. Others include eating and drinking, driving with kids or pets in the vehicle, picking the next tune by tuning the radio, conversations with other adult passengers, and road rage. Anything that pulls your attention away from your driving has the potential to cause an accident.

How Phone Apps Help

Old habits die hard, and no matter how dedicated you are to safe driving, you may automatically reach for your smartphone the next time you hear the ding of an incoming text. To combat this prevalent issue, app developers are working to make your smartphone a tool for fighting, rather than causing, distracted driving.

Different distracted driving apps offer a variety of different features, from tracking how many miles you’ve driven safely to blocking incoming calls, texts, and notifications. Some even offer location sharing or send out a parent notification when their teen driver has arrived at their destination.

For example, Farmers Insurance has recently launched Signal, an app that helps drivers track their habits. It analyzes and provides ongoing feedback regarding driving habits, helping subscribers recognize when and where they’re most likely to get distracted. It provides a personalized map that shows the driver their route, their mileage, and how much time they spent behind the wheel, and it highlights unsafe habits and incidents like sudden braking and excessive speeding.

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Let Nevada Insurance Enrollment Help You Choose An App

Distracted driving apps are highly beneficial for drivers who have difficulty maintaining their focus, and as a bonus, some apps can even score you a discount on your auto insurance. Talk to your insurance agent to learn more about distracted driving apps and choose one that fits your lifestyle. One such app is Lifesaver, however, there are many others.

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