Animal Accident With My Car – Will My Auto Insurance Cover the Damages?

Animals can appear suddenly and without warning causing accidents, injuries and even deaths, especially when vehicles swerve in an attempt to avoid hitting them. Knowing how to handle an animal damage auto insurance claim can save you both time, money and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Post - How Collisions With Animals Affects Your Auto Insurance

Does Auto Insurance Cover Animal Damage?

Every year, many car accidents are caused by animals running into the road. Usually, animals (be it a dog, coyote, raccoon, squirrel, deer, cow, moose, bear, bird, beaver, or others) can be very unpredictable.  They can dart out anywhere from mother nature without warning, or you can come around a corner, and there it is! Having an animal, or herd of animals suddenly appear in the middle of the road can startle even the most experienced driver.

Knowing how to react when they appear can greatly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. While hitting an animal can be against your natural instincts, swerving to avoid it could cause a worse crash that ends up in major fatalities. Unfortunately, these types of crashes happen frequently in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Comprehensive Insurance Covers Animal Accidents

As far as your auto insurance company is concerned, hitting an animal is covered under your comprehensive coverage. Swerving to miss hitting an animal and crashing into oncoming traffic is considered a collision claim. If your vehicle has sustained damages, you’ll need to decide whether or not to file a claim depending on your insurance policy’s coverage options.

Will My Insurance Rates Increase After An Animal Accident?

Most auto insurance providers will not raise your premiums due to a comprehensive claim after an animal accident unless your claims are frequent. Collision claims, however, will often raise your rates, so you should evaluate the damage and decide if you are better off paying out of pocket.

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Tips to Prevent Animal Accidents Before They Occur

  • Stay keen on the roads and drive within the speed limit. You’re more likely to see an animal and react quickly when you’re alert.
  • To avoid hitting the animal (if you can), brake as necessary, honk your horn and tap your brakes to make other drivers aware.
  • If a crash is inevitable, make sure you don’t swerve to avoid hitting the animal. Swerving may point you straight into oncoming traffic, cause you to crash into trees and other objects, or even rollover.

What To Do In Case of a Collision

  • If you do hit an animal, stay at the scene and try to find assistance for the animal. Nevada recommends trying to track down the owners if it’s a pet/dog.
  • If you cannot approach the animal to help, contact Las Vegas Animal Control or 911 for help.
  • Take photos of the accident (the surroundings, damage to your vehicle and any injuries to you or your passengers.)

Collisions with animals are more frequent at certain times of the year, especially during fall when animals are more active and apt to be near roadways between dusk and dawn.

For all Your Insurance Needs, Nevada Insurance Enrollment Has You Covered

To protect your vehicle against animal accidents, talk to one of our knowledgeable auto insurance agents about adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. We can help you find the right coverage on your policy and keep you protected on the roads.

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