Are You Covered Under Your Parents Auto Insurance Policy?

So you have finally achieved the legal right to drive a motor vehicle and can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Congratulations! Though you aren’t fully licensed, drivers with learner’s permits are still required to be insured when on the road. It is against the law to drive without proper auto insurance coverage anywhere in the streets of Nevada.

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Post - Can You Get Auto Insurance With A Learner's Permit?

You don’t need to apply for your own auto insurance policy unless you’re driving your own car, in which case you’ll need to have a parent or guardian sign on the policy with you if you are under 18 years of age. If you are driving your parents’ car, you will be insured under the parent’s insurance policy. It isn’t so automatic, though, as some car insurance companies require anyone old enough to drive and living in the household to be added to the policy as an included driver.

Learners Permit Auto Insurance Policies

Car insurance is not something you should be making assumptions about. Even if some insurance companies will extend coverage for permitted drivers under your parents’ policy without being informed of the situation, it’s always prudent to inform the auto insurance company that you will be driving your parent’s’ car. While you are learning to drive, you want to make sure you have been added to the policy as an included driver. If you assume you’re covered, and it turns out you aren’t, you can run the risk of having a claim denied if you’re in an accident and are the at-fault party. Sometimes, the auto insurance company will increase your comprehensive and collision deductibles to $5000 if you go from being a permitted driver to a licensed driver, without being added to your parents policy!

Adding a Driver with Learners Permit to Your Auto Insurance Policy

A lot of parents/guardians are usually concerned as to how adding their teen drivers will affect their auto insurance premiums. In most cases, automobile insurance policies will automatically cover your teen driver without additional charges until the new driver gets an official license. That said, it’s so important to check with your insurance company to be certain if that’s the case. All Nevada licensed driver MUST have liability insurance coverage at a minimum.

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Auto Insurance Coverage for Teenage Drivers

Statistically speaking, young drivers are perceived to be a risky lot, as seen from the disproportionate number of accidents caused mainly due to dangerous behavior like speeding and texting. Even the most responsible young drivers often lack the experience needed to make a swift judgment call when faced with dangerous situations. So, with risky behaviors coupled with a lack of experience, it’s no surprise that teen drivers aren’t cheap to insure. Being added to your parent’s auto insurance policy is costly, but it’s usually more affordable than getting a policy of your own. Costly or not, young licensed drivers need to be on a policy.

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Can Help You Find Discounts

Under Nevada law, parents are liable for the negligence of a newly licensed minor if they signed for them to obtain a driver’s license. As a leading insurance agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can help you get the best auto insurance coverage that guarantees you’re well protected as a family. Being a local agency, we have a working knowledge of the plans offered and can help you choose the auto insurance coverage that suits your needs. We can help you save money on young drivers through cost savings options like a good student discount.

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